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Dog found at Mt. Evans

Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:15 pm by wsm04rubi

Anyone heard about someone losing a dog at Mt. Evans? Here is info on a lost dog that was picked up there:


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February RnL meeting

Fri Jan 30, 2015 3:14 pm by Zip

Tuesday February 3rd at 7pm, at Ricardos restaurant in Factoria, unless someone comes up with another suggestion

Dues are up for 2015
Take a look at your calendars for this summer to discuss an out of state run this summer. Also for when and where'd you like to go?

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Thu Dec 25, 2014 11:51 am by Zip

santa To ALL RnL members and their families...

...Additionally to ALL our friends and their familes santa

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Rock'd n Lock'd Club By-laws

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Rock'd n Lock'd Club By-laws Empty Rock'd n Lock'd Club By-laws

Post  wsm04rubi on Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:56 am

Rock'd n Lock'd Club By-laws (2013) as voted unanimously

1.Elected Officials (voted annually) April
Vice President

2. Meetings will be held once a month on 1st Tuesday at 7pm. The meeting each month be set prior to the next months meeting or re-scheduled &/or re-located accordingly
2a. Secretary will update RnL forum & send out meeting reminders the week before

3. Meeting Order:
President- Call to Order
Secretary will read the minutes from the prior meeting.
Treasurer will give the current report
Old Business
New Business
Meeting Adjourned

4. All motions must be passed with a 2/3rds majority
4a. If 2/3rds of members are not in attendance then 'motion' is carried over to next meeting where 2/3rds vote can happen

5. Dues will be $60.00 annually per family (January to January) Raised to $75.00 starting (2014)

6a. Prorated to$5.00 for new members for remaining months in year
6b. Remainder will be voted on by club members toward club activities
6c. At no time will club funds be used on individual memberís jeeps
6d. Members over due on dues 6 months or more will have their membership suspended
6e. Inactivity for 6 months or more will also suspend the membership
6f. A maximum of 12 months dues will be recorded. Once 12 months of unpaid dues has been reached the membership will be terminated.
6g. If the canceled member would like to rejoin the club they must go through the candidate process and the 12 months dues owed will be applied at candidacy
6h. Members may also request their membership be suspended for whatever reasons for up to 6 months
6i. Membership can only be suspended for up to 6 months once every two years. This will prevent accruing unneeded monthly dues

7. Membership Requirements
7a. Attend at least 4 club meetings per year.
7b. Attend at least 3 official club runs within one year and a) not break down on at least two of the runs and b) attend an overnight run.
7c. Then must be voted in to the club by an anonymous club vote
7d. Only owners of 4WD vehicles will be eligible for membership
7e. The total number of membership vehicles will not exceed 20
7f. Applicants must be at least 20 years of age
7g. Easily accessible tow points(attachable by hook or d-ring) front and rear of the vehicle. A winch on either end can substitute for a tow point on that end
7h. Technical Writer in support of Rock'd n Lock'd forum will be exempt from all membership requirements

8. Club Jeep Runs
8a. The member who proposes the run will automatically be the run Trail Boss.
8b. The Trail Boss is responsible for the readiness of the group of jeeps making the run and/or splitting the group (if judged necessary) and appointing a secondary Trail Boss.
8c. Trail Boss will also maintain all trail fines which will be collected at the next club meeting
8d. Alcohol use on trail, determined that it would be the club members in attendance on the run to monitor each other & to point out as a group to anyone that seems to be abusing alcohol to the point of afflicting harm to themselves, environment, or others.
8e. Guests will be the responsibility of the member who invited them. If the guest is determined by members in attendance to be impaired to the point that they can do harm to themselves, the environment or others, the sponsoring member will be asked to escort them off of the trail/run

9. Club Fines
9a. $1.00 fine for jeeps needing to use a winch with a $10.00 cap per run
9b. $10.00 fine for littering to, on, or from a trail.
9c. Any member that does not come current on their club dues for a consecutive year will no longer be a club member.

10. Club will open a checking &/or savings non-interest bearing (keep less than 5K) account and will need to have two signers- preferably the President and Treasurer. To be updated at the yearly elections. The treasurer will maintain the checkbook and make all deposits

11. In the event of club dissolution all debts shall be paid, all borrowed monies returned and bank balance, if any shall be evenly dispersed to current club members

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